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Why is my PDF export not rendering correctly?

When downloading the PDF of certain tasks, the document might show an uncommon or unreadable rendering. The reasons for this might be:

  • You are trying to export a table that is too large. Certain part models might have a lot of properties and if all of them are configured inside a table, then the table might become quite big. That is no problem for KE-chain, as you can just use the scroll bar to visualize all your data. However, a PDF might not be large enough to cover everything, therefore we recommend you to try adapting the paper size and orientation and still check in the preview if the rendering improves. If that is still not the case, then you should consider splitting the properties in multiple part models in order to reduce the size of your tables. As a last resort, there is the possibility to select the 'Automatic' option, which will make sure that the PDF becomes as large as it is needed for you to be able to properly visualize your information.
  • You have selected to include the attachments and there are too many inside the task. Rendering takes some time, especially when it comes to PDF's and images. However, most of the times you should be able to press the download button and save the PDF to your computer, even if you cannot preview it inside KE-chain. Rendering the PDF with Excel files added inside an attachment property is unfortunately not supported yet by KE-chain.

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