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What tablet is best to use?

For KE-chain to operate 'in the field', an 'on the go' a tablet computer such as an Apple iPad or Android tablet is optimal. In this article we aim to give you some tips on getting one that is the best.

KE-chain is a webapplication that works properly within all modern browsers supporting JavaScript. That includes the use of modern tablets.

General guidelines for purchasing a tablet:

  • A recent tablet (iOS 2017 and 2018 models or Android 7 and later) work better as it has more computing power;
  • A 4G mobile internet modem is important for having a connection on the go;
  • We recommend a screensize of about 10" (24,5cm) for the best experience against portability;
  • We recommend to purchase an extra ruggedised and waterproof protective case;
  • With respect to diskspace there is no preference as KE-chain does not require a lot of diskspace on the tablet itself. 32 GB is plenty enough.


Apple iPad

Apple iPad

Apple iPad pro

  • Any later model (2016 and later) of Apple iPad works properly.
  • Purchase an iPad version including 4G / LTE built in to enable mobile internet through a dataplan. Most carrier have dataplans for tablets. An iPad with a 4G / LTE module also has a GPS module built in. The wifi-only tablet do not have a GPS by themselves and need a hotspot (through phone) to determine the location.

Android Tablets

Samsung Android Tablets eg:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A series 10.5 inch Wifi + 4G 32GB
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S series 9,7 inch 32GB Wifi + 4G
  • Samsung tablet Active Series 8 inch ruggedised Wifi + 4G

  • Ensure that you have a recent model tablet Android 6, 7 or 8 installed, otherwise you may experience slow down
  • Purchase a tablet version including 4G / LTE built in to enable mobile internet through a dataplan. Most carriers have dataplans for tablets.

A tablet computer is less powerfull than a PC or laptop, therefore you may experience longer loading times for larger KE-chain forms with a lot of data.

Rugged Cases

We recommend to use a rugged case to protect you tablet from water, dirt and shocks.

Our customers have good experience with rugged cases from the brand Otterbox

Their Defender line of cases are both available for iPad and Samsung Tablets

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