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Use the Catalog

 The Catalog represents the library of the Product. Here, existing parts and their entire structure can be re-used multiples times inside the Product model. This differs from cloning in two import aspects:

  • the catalog part can be used at any level inside the product, as opposed to cloning which would just create a clone under the same part;
  • the product part remains connected to the catalog part, which means that product part itself cannot be edited. However, if you choose to edit the catalog part, then the changes will propagate to all the product parts created from it.

Create a catalog part model
  1. Go to your project.
  2. Access the Data model, using the sidebar button.
  3. Select the Catalog
  4. Click on the Add button.
  5. Provide a name and quantity and confirm.

Use a catalog part model in product
  1. Go to your project.
  2. Access the Data model, using the sidebar button.
  3. Select the part where you want to add the catalog part to.
  4. Click on the Add button. Set the Mode to Catalog.
  5. Provide a name, select the catalog part and Add it.

Managing the catalog

The steps used for a part model inside the product are also applicable here. Please refer to Working with part models page.

Where is my product part?

However, as mentioned above, if you choose to delete the catalog part model, then all the product models created based on it will also be deleted.

How are my parts connected?

Forgot how your product parts are connected to the catalog ones? Click on your product part and expand the Information tab, which is on the right side. The field 'proxies' tells you to which catalog part is linked to. If it is empty, then it means that the part has been created straight into the product.

Managing properties under a catalog part model

Managing the properties inside a catalog part model is done based on the same steps as those described in the Working with properties page.

How does it translate to the product?

Any action performed on the properties of a catalog part, will be propagated to the product parts that have been created based on that catalog part. That means that the structure, order and naming of properties will be the same for all the linked parts.

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