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Managing users

The actions described in this article require special permissions that allow you to view and edit the KE-chain administration environment. Only staff users have the right to access this environment, so if you have questions or uncertainties regarding this procedure do no hesitate to contact us using the Getting help page.

As explained on the user concept page, there are two types permissions that a user can have which would allow him to log into the administration environment: they are called superuser status and staff status. The superuser is allowed to do anything he desires, in any project or the administration environment. The user that has only staff status can only act in the administration environment and has no rights regarding projects or tasks.

Other types of users in KE-chain are:

  • Configurators, which are allowed to:
    • view, create and edit scopes, change the scope team, scope status and details
    • view, create, assign, edit, configure and customize task
    • access Work breakdown, create and delete tasks/subprocesses
    • access Explorer, view, create, edit, delete parts and properties
    • access Data model, view, create, edit, delete models and properties
    • access Scripts, view script history, execute script
  • Managers, which are allowed to perform the same actions as a Configurator, but they are only restricted to the scope to which they are assigned as managers
  • Members, which are allowed to:
    • view the scope to which they are part of
    • view the tasks they are assigned to
    • edit the status of the tasks they are assigned to
    • edit values of properties configured as 'Edit' in tasks they are assigned to
    • access the work breakdown
    • execute scripts customized in tasks they are assigned to
  • Lead members, which can do what a regular Member does and also:
    • add users to the Project team
    • remove non Managers from the Project team
    • assign users to tasks
  • Supervisor, which cand do what a Lead member does, but also has access to the App environment.
  • Superusers, are completely non-restricted to any action in KE-chain, and are the only ones that can:
    • upload, delete and update scripts

Now, before moving onward to the Managing projects manual, you need to create the users that will be at one point added to a Project team. Make sure you first read this page in order to find out more about how the admin environment works.

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