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How to use projects as KE-chain training templates?

Supposed that you would like to introduce KE-chain to someone. The first step is, of course, to send him to our Getting startedpage. But nothing compares to actually letting him use KE-chain and practice for a bit. But, in case the information in your projects is too valuable and you are afraid that it might be mistakenly altered, then use the following steps:

  • simply clone the project you would like to use as a training template;
  • make sure you give it a clear name such that other users will understand its purpose;
  • you could also add the user to the project team and assign tasks to your new user, in order to make sure he can access them. This way, his access is limited only to his training project;
  • finally, don't forget to delete the training project when you no longer need it.
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