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How long can I work with a tablet in a field?

KE-chain is designed to have all features easily accessible on a tablet in order for you to be able to perform all your work in the field as fast and optimal as possible. However, as with any device using rechargeable batteries, the time that it can be used away from a power socket is limited. Depending on the extent of the work you have to perform in the field, we recommend using a device that has a sufficient battery lifetime, such that you can perform all the tasks uninterrupted. In that respect, the grid below provides a good overview of the best 25 tablets on the market right now, ordered by battery life. A more extended list of tablets can be found at this link

In case there is no possibility to charge the battery in between going to perform work field, you might consider buying a power bank that will allow you to keep the tablet charged wherever you are.

Finally, keep in mind that although the internet data coverage in the Netherlands is high, there are still isolated regions where the data coverage is insufficient. Currently, KE-chain works only online, so make sure you check here that you will have good data connection before going to perform your work on the field.

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