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How can I see when a script has last been executed?

Some tasks in KE-chain are linked to specific services through Script widgets which, when executed, might alter the information contained in that task. If you would like to know when the information has last been affected by the script, or simply just know when the script has last been ran, all you have to do is take the following steps:

  1. Open the project in which the script has been uploaded;
  2. Using the navigation-sidebar located on the left side, click on the Scripts  button (you need to have the right permissions to see the button);
  3. You will see two grids now:
    1. The one on the top contains the scripts that have been uploaded in the project
    2. The one on the bottom will show you all the executions of the scripts in that respective project and also other information, such as: when the script started, when it ended, who ran it, in which task it was ran, how long it took to execute and whether it was completed successfully or it failed.
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