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Getting started

The purpose of this page is to help a user that first interacts with KE-chain to find the tasks he or she is assigned to, to navigate towards them and to understand the actions that he/she can or is expected to perform in that task. If there are concepts you have questions about, then please refer to the KE-chain concepts section. If you are manager of a KE-chain project, then it is recommended that you also cover the Developer Manuals and How to's section. 

Logging in and working in a simple task

The following video is a quick start on how to start using KE-chain, taking you from the login page to completing your first task.

Using the work breakdown

The next video is a continuation of the previous one, and it will help you understand how tasks are connected between each other through the 'Editable' and 'Viewable' properties and also find how easy it is to navigate between them through the work breakdown.

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