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Concept: User


An user is a very important concept in KE-chain. Each user maps to a real person, having different responsibilities and tasks to do inside a project. Using credentials such as an username and password, an employee can login into KE-chain and see which tasks he is assigned to. There are multiple permissions that a user can have, the most important being described below.

Types of users

There are two categories of permissions to be explained here. First one, on a global level inside KE-chain:

  • Staff user: in charge of adding users to the KE-chain database and basically creating user accounts for all the necessary people, as well as editing users inside teams;
  • Superuser: has all the rights throughout the entire KE-chain environment, including staff user and configurator rights;
  • Configurator: being able to read and alter data inside all the projects, either completed or in execution. Keeps an overview on all the work. Can add managers and members to any project. Cannot add or delete services;

Secondly, on a project-related level:

  • Project manager: part of a project team and also in charge of said project, being able to create parts, properties, tasks, widgets, services and everything else needed to setup the respective project. Also allowed to assign project members to tasks inside the project or add other managers to the team. Cannot see projects he is not part of;
  • Project member: part of a project team but only assigned to do specific tasks inside the project. Can only read or alter property values in tasks he is assigned to;

User attributes

Each user has the following attributes:

  • username - used for logging in, but also used in assignment to tasks or project teams;
  • password - used for logging in, only known to the user him/herself;
  • language - preferred language of the user, current options are: Dutch, English, French and German. Based on this selection, KE-chain will be displayed in the corresponding language;
  • email address - used in resetting a forgotten password, but also in receiving the PDF download when downloading with appendices;
  • timezone - used for correctly displaying the start and due date time of tasks and projects;
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