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Concept: Team


A team is a collection of users sharing the same permission, with default attributes for all the users inside that team. The best use-case for this concept is when there are multiple companies using the same KE-chain license and they should not be able to see other environment than their own.

A important setting of a team is the landing page, the first page that opens to all users belonging to that team when they enter KE-chain. Although multiple projects or users can belong to a team, one project or user can only be part of a team environment. The concept should not be confused with a project team, which is the decided and assembled by the project manager, although the users inside a project team must be part of the team to which the project belongs to.

Team configuration

Team creation and configuration can only be done, at this point, from the Admin environment, by an user with special permission. Please contact your KE-chain administrator or the Service Desk in case you would like make modifications inside your team.

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