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Concept: Service

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task can be automated through the use of script widgets, which in turn are connected to a service inside KE-chain. Using python libraries developed for advanced users (see Pykechain), the script can interact with the KE-chain API, and a user can automate the task he or she is assigned to. Inputs can be extensively manipulated and used to calculate the outputs, while also feeding those results back to KE-chain, in order to drastically reduce the time spent on the respective task.

Running scripts

Existing scripts can be attached to a task form through a Script widget. Make sure you know what the script is supposed to do before you press the button that will run it, as information might get overwritten and potentially lost. Read the Developers API manual in order to watch examples of scripts running and acting on KE-chain data.

Developing scripts

For now, this feature is restricted to KE-works developers. But do not hesitate to contact the Service Desk if you find yourself in need of having a script implemented inside your project. Scripts can automate everything from the creation of the work breakdown, to the plotting of 2D graphs and previewing them inside a task form. The possibilities are infinite.

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