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Accessing a task form

Task forms are the place where users can examine the input or output of a process in different ways. Before you get to explore the possibilities offered by the KE-chain task form, you first need to see the different ways of accessing it.

Access from the Tasks grid
  1. Go to your project.
  2. Access the Tasks grid, using the sidebar button.
  3. Find the task you are looking for and click on it.

    Too many tasks?

    Use the top right search filter to limit the number of results. Use also the My tasks button to filter only the tasks assigned to you, or click on the Open tasks button to see what has not been completed.

Access from the Work breakdown tree
  1. Go to your project.
  2. Access the Work breakdown , using the sidebar button.

  3. Locate your task and click on it.

    Not sure where it is?

    Consider using the Search functionality located on the right side of the tree.

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