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This manual will show how scripts that interact with the KE-chain API can be developed and also how they can be uploaded and used in your project. In this regard, the following two pages will help you grasp how a script works and interacts with your project.


Pykechain is a python library developed by KE-works with the sole purpose to interact with the KE-chain data model, explorer, work breakdown and the scripts environment. Basically, an experienced user in pykechain, can extract any information stored in any project and use it to build scripts that would ultimately produce the desired outputs. Furthermore, he can also automatically create or extend the data model, add part instances, activities and even configure and customize said activities. Below, you will find some video examples of simple scripts ran in a KE-chain project, together with the code itself:


Once you have started to understand Pykechain and build your own scripts, the next step is how to add them to KE-chain. The easiest answer is through kecpkg-tools, a python package developed with the purpose of making the building and uploading of scripts easier and faster. Below, you will find a small tutorial on how to use kecpkg-tools. The tutorial is shown in Windows 10, however, we will be using the Git Bash command line, which is Linux-based. Not shown in this tutorial is the creation of a virtual environment called venv_kecpkg  Please be aware of the fact that you do require some basic knowledge of programming in order to follow this tutorial.

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